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Job Descriptions

Return the FWS Job Description form to CWSP via email, fax or USPS.

How to Submit a Job Description

Begin by downloading the Federal Work Study (FWS) Job Description Form. Review the instructions and complete the form in full.

Work Hours

During the academic-year employment term, students’ work hours should be limited to 15–20 hours/week. During breaks, with their supervisor’s approval, and during the summer, students may work full-time if not taking classes.

Hourly Pay/Wage Rates

Guidelines for Establishing Wage Rates

In accordance with Federal Work Study Guidelines, the following must be considered and taken into effect when establishing wage rates:

  • The skills needed to perform the job;
  • How much persons with those skills are paid in the local area for doing the same type of job;
  • Rates the school would normally pay similar non-FWS employees;
  • Any applicable federal, state, or local laws that require a specific wage rate.

It is not acceptable to base the wage rate on the student's need or any other factor not related to the student's skills or job description.

Begin by downloading the Federal Work Study (FWS) FWS Job Description form. Review the instructions and complete the form in full. Return the FWS Job Description form to CWSP via email, fax or USPS.

How to Post a Job

Jobs are listed on Cornell’s Student Job and Internship Postings site. Off-campus employers must submit their job descriptions to CWSP for approval and posting (see below). (Note: Off-campus supervisors who have a “sponsored” Cornell net ID will not have access to this job-and-internship-posting site.)

Students choose jobs based on the appropriate term and region and by career field. The Public Service Center cross-posts all CWSP positions under the term “public-service,” in addition to career fields specific to the job.

Jobs are typically posted within five business days of their arrival and are posted until mid-semester for each fall, spring and summer term. If you fill an open position, please notify CWSP so the posting can be removed.

Note: Any jobs submitted to the Office of Financial Aid and Student Employment, either in hard copy or electronically, are rerouted to CWSP, and delays may be incurred when requests are sent to that office first. 

To Edit, Reactivate, or Remove a Job

Send an email to CWSP with the action to be taken: “edit” (with changes), “re-post” (with any changes), or “delete.”