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How to Hire a Student


  • Students will contact you directly and ask for the contact listed on the job posting.  We do not maintain a list of students who are looking for jobs.
  • Not all students are familiar with Federal Work Study (FWS) or financial aid, so we encourage you to double-check with the student that they have a current FWS award. Students who don't receive financial aid will not be eligible for Community Work-Study positions.
  • Email the CWSP Coordinator the student’s name and Cornell net ID so the Coordinator can check the student’s eligibility.
  • Interview the student as you would a regular staff member.  Review the job description with them and discuss the tasks and responsibilities associated with the job.
  • Be sure that your expectations and those of the student are clearly communicated and understood.
  • Discuss time management and scheduling, any other work-study or non-work-study jobs they may have, transportation issues, and extracurricular/co-curricular activities.

 Ready to Hire a Student?

  • Once you've decided which student to hire, complete an appointment form and email the document to the Community Work-Study Program (CWSP) coordinator at The CWSP Coordinator will have the student complete the necessary paperwork and training to become appointed to the University payroll through the WorkDay system.
  • WorkDay Access: On-campus CWSP appointments can be inputted into WorkDay only by a staff member from CWSP due to Department of Education reporting mandates and to ensure that the correct federal work-study subsidy percentage is inputted.
  • Access to the appropriate student JM Org in Workday for the participating Cornell department must be granted to CWSP prior to the student-employee start date.  The employing department will need to provide CWSP with a staff contact who can facilitate this process in a timely manner.
  • You will receive a Hiring Addendum via email from the CWSP Coordinator to confirm receipt of the form and to verify hire has been put into the system.
  • Start Date: Once CWSP has appointed the student in WorkDay, your department’s payroll representative should contact you and the student regarding next steps for your department’s payroll procedures.  

Conditions that Restrict a Student’s Employment Eligibility

If any of the following conditions exist, a student cannot begin working or be appointed to the University Payroll:  The student

  • has a hold on their college or university bursar account
  • is not registered with the university
  • has a dean's hold
  • has a Financial Aid package that has not been finalized
  • does not have an I-9 form on file (It proves eligibility to work in United States. Students who need an I-9 can find an I-9 "hub" on campus by reading I-9 Hub Locations.) 

For more information, please contact the CWSP Coordinator.