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Cornell University

Robinson-Appel Application Guidelines

Overview of Application

  • Resume with Previous Service Work.
    • Please include, in no longer than a page, the service work that you have performed in the last twelve months.
  • Proposal Description
    • In no longer than 3 pages, describe how you would use an award of $2500, include:
      • the steps you will take to achieve these goals;
      • how and when you will assess the results;
      • please address whether you will be starting a new project/program, organization, or developing a project/program within an existing organization, and specify community partners.
  • Budget
    • Please outline the use of the funds (if you have an existing operational budget, include how this funding would be used).
  • Recommendation
    • Recommendation can speak to your project proposal or to your previous service work.
    • Recommendation cannot be given by a peer.
  • The individual or individuals who complete/submit the application MUST be available to present a 20-minute presentation of projects and follow-up questions.

Presentation Guidelines

  • If applying on behalf of a group, the person that is on the application must be be the person that presents.

  • A select group of proposals will be invited to present to the selection committee.

If you have any questions about the application process, please email