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Cornell University

2020 Maribel Garcia Community Spirit Award Winner

Lin Lin looking at the camera with her arm propping up her chin

Congratulations to Lin Lin, the recipient of the 2020 Maribel Garcia Community Spirit Award!

Lin Lin '22, a junior majoring in Human Development, minoring in Psychology and CPEJ (Crime, Prison, Education and Justice). She volunteered in College Mentors for Kids for her freshman year and have volunteered for BOCES since her freshman year and had volunteered for BOCES for three continuous semesters. She is currently working as an undergraduate research assistant in two labs: Little Thinkers Lab, which is led by Dr. Lin Bian, investigating how children reason about the social world; PAC (Personality, Attachment and Control) Lab, led by Professor Vivian Zayas. She is also a member of KON (Kappa Omicron Nu: Human Ecology Honor Society) since spring 2020.

Graphic of HEAL Logo

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