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Cornell University

David M. Einhorn Center for
Community Engagement

An integration of the Public Service Center and
the Office of Engagement Initiatives

About Us


The Einhorn Center is the hub of community engagement at Cornell, supporting a university culture where students, faculty, staff, and partners work together to create a better world.

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We’re currently developing the Einhorn Center’s values and goals. In the meantime, read about the work of the PSC (below) and the work of OEI.


We aim to build student capacity for deep meaningful co-curricular community service among students committed to reciprocal community engagement. We strive to be a resource for connecting students' passion with opportunities to do purpose driven work both on and off campus, and to prepare students to have meaningful community engaged experiences.


  • Learning & Growth - We value expanding knowledge through critical reflection toward continual improvement.
  • Diversity & Inclusion - We value welcoming spaces for multiple cultural and lived experiences to honor identities.
  • Equity - We work to challenge systems of oppression to facilitate opportunity, access and outcomes for all.
  • Relationships & Connections - We value building sustainable relationships comprised of trust, mutual respect, and accountability.
  • Collaboration - We value the strength, knowledge, and experience of all to work together toward agreed upon goals.