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Summer Work Study

Summer Federal Work Study (FWS) awards are separate from academic year awards. Unused academic-year awards will expire at the end of the academic term and will not carry into summer.

I'm a student and Want to Apply for Summer Work Study

In order to qualify for summer Federal Work Study, you must meet the following criteria:

  • You have secured a paid position for summer 2022;
  • You have submitted a FAFSA application for the 2022-2023 academic year demonstrating federal financial need;
  • You intend to have pre-enrolled full time for Fall 2022;
  • You were registered full time for spring 2022; and
  • You are not enrolled in 6 or more Summer Session Course credits at the time of employment.

    To Apply for Summer Work Study Funding

    Summer federal work study students must apply through the Office of Financial Aid and Student Employment via the Summer FWS Application. Visit Summer Session Financial Aid for more information.

    To view summer jobs available visit our Community Work-Study page for Community Work Study positions or visit our Finding a Job page for more information.

    How Do I Get Paid?

    Contact the Community Work Study Program Coordinator at to complete any required pre-work and be added to the summer payroll so you can record time in WorkDay to be paid.

    You will be notified via email when your hiring is complete, and you may begin working.

    Important: You cannot start work until you have completed an I-9.

    How many hours can a student employee work in the summer?

    Students may work full-time over the summer. The Federal Work Study program does not allow students to receive holiday pay on federal holidays (see Important CWSP Program Dates).

    Important: FWS students are not eligible for FWS on federal holidays, or for vacation or sick pay. If a student does work on a federal holiday, including remotely, they cannot be paid with work study; the employer would need to pay 100% of the student's wages for that day.

    I'm an Employer/Supervisor who Wants to Hire a Student for the Summer.

    The student will need to be appointed for the summer work study term, review How to Hire a Student and Payroll Resources and Policies.

    Watch for email notification from CWSP when the student is appointed or re-appointed to payroll, with the date they may begin work. Wages earned prior to the designated payroll start date will be billed 100% to the employer.