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Requirements for 2020-2021 Academic Year-New Freshman Fellows

Explore CT requirements

1. Quiz Watch all introduction videos and complete quiz (Fall 2020 only)

2. Orientation- Attend one small group session led by an SAC member (Fall 2020 only)

3,4,5. “Meet” your fellow fellows! – Fall 2020 only

            A.  Complete 3 virtual interviews with upper-class fellows

            B.  Enter information from your interview

            C.  Learn about work and service options  

6. Attend Spring semester kick-off Alumni panel, 2/3/21 7 pm

7,8. Participate in 2 SAC service events at any point during the year (There will be many of these throughout the semesters, pick 2 that interest you and work in your schedule but don’t wait until the last minute!)

9. Participate in 1 SAC social There will be several of these- watch announcements for details.

Fall: Complete Progress Reports and Explore CT requirements

Spring: Complete Progress Reports and hours

Total for the year:

Option 1: Complete 8 of 9 Explore CT requirements, at least 8 progress reports for the year, and 75 hours (with at least 5 hours of community service, other 70 can be any combination of work and service but there must be some of both)

*If more than 8 Progress Reports are completed in either option, your hour requirement will be reduced by 10 hours but still including 5 hours of community service

 Option 2: Incomplete Explore CT requirements- at least 8 progress reports and 150 hours (with 10 hours being community service and the other 140 any combination of work and service but there must be some of both)

Maintain a 2.3 cumulative GPA

Re-application will be due by June 2nd