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Application Tracking

Application Tracking

To assist HCEC registrants with managing the timing of primary and secondary applications, testing requirements, admissions interviews, and approaching deadlines, the HCEC offers an Application Tracking Tool found at the end of the HCEC Checklist. The tool is designed to help track applications at each medical school from the submission date of primary application through the dates of acceptance and matriculation.

Once you have had your letter uploaded to AMCAS or other application service, you may use the Application Tracking Tool to list each school to which you apply and assign each school a personal ranking. All US medical schools are conveniently listed in drop-down menus. The tool provides columns for dates when you submitted primary and secondary applications, interview dates, acceptance and wait-list dates, among others, and the list can be sorted easily by clicking on any column header. There is also space for keeping personal notes about each school.

We encourage you to use this tool because in addition to helping you keep track of your applications, some data will be collected to assist Cornell Health Careers Advisors with providing guidance to future pre-medical and pre-dental applicants. No personally identifiable information will be shared.

Current and past HCEC registrants are able to track their applications through the Application Tracking Tool.