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Health Careers Advising Application Preparation Process (HCA-APP)

The Health Careers Evaluation Committee (HCEC) writes letters of evaluation for Cornell University students and alumni who are applying to schools of human medicine (i.e. medical, dental, podiatric, ophthalmologic). The HCEC process, which begins in December, requires thoughtful planning and meaningful reflection. To prepare students for the HCEC process and upcoming professional school applications, undergraduate students (juniors and seniors) who plan to register with the HCEC in 2020 (for letter in 2021) will be required to complete the Health Careers Advising Application Preparation Process (HCA-APP), a new Canvas course.

HCA-APP requires students to:

  • Read and understand material presented through three Canvas modules, available asynchronously.
  • Register for HCA-APP.
  • Complete three assignments and one quiz.

Completion of HCA-APP, including three assignments, is required for all undergraduate students (juniors and seniors) who will be requesting a committee letter through the Health Careers Evaluation Committee (HCEC) this winter. This is helpful information, and so alumni are still strongly encouraged to participate in HCA-APP even though the HCEC does not specifically require your completion as part of their checklist. Note that the HCEC considers those graduating in December 2020 to be alumni.The process used to be called Pre-Registration for the HCEC. Starting in Fall 2020, HCA-APP is now here to help guide you through the process of preparing to apply and receiving a Cornell committee letter. Beginning this year, this important information will be available as a Canvas course rather than through synchronous workshops to help make participation easier for everyone, whether you are on-or off-campus.

If you are an undergraduate student who completed Pre-Registration for the HCEC in a previous year, but did not yet register with the HCEC, you do need to complete HCA-APP requirements this year. HCA-APP completion is required by noon on December 11, 2020 for undergraduates planning to register for the HCEC in 2020. HCEC Registration then opens on December 15, 2020.

Enroll in HCA-APP Module in Canvas. Alumni with expired Canvas log-ins may request access to Canvas.