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Alumni Connections Program

The Alumni Connections Program (ACP) offers an opportunity for Cornell students to connect with alumni. Through these connections, students will learn how to articulate a deeper knowledge of the field they are exploring, network more effectively, research organizations, and prepare appropriate questions for future contacts and employers. Alumni will indicate on their listing if they are willing to connect with a student through one or more methods including job shadowing opportunities, informational phone calls or lunch meetings. The ACP is not a job or internship service for students interested in working for a sponsor’s organization. Alumni connections are available in various career fields and geographic locations across the U.S.

Program Details

  • Follow the steps in the Checklist to complete the program application and requirements. View a sample Checklist.
  • Explore the Listings to view possible connections of interest.
  • Complete the Registration to be able to submit your connection selection(s) through the online checklist application process.
  • You are able to self-select alumni connections based on career interest, affiliation, or industry.
  • You are responsible for connecting with your alumni connection to set up the specific details of your job shadow or phone interview.
  • When you select a specific connection, you are committing to connecting with that alumni. 
  • ACP is open until June 1, 2021 when the program and select experiences will be offered through CUeLINKS Projects.

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  • COVID-19 Updates. Alumni are encouraged to update experiences offered in ACP, but given the current situation, there may be experiences that are listed as in person job shadow experiences that may now only be a virtual experience, or an informational interview. At this time, in-person experiences are not offered. For up-to-date information refer to the University COVID-19 page. 

  • Eligibility. Fully matriculated undergraduate and graduate students from across the university are eligible to apply. Special students who are visiting Cornell for a semester or a year but not earning a Cornell degree are NOT eligible for this program. 
  • Expenses. Students are responsible for all expenses related to job shadowing opportunities, including airfare/travel, taxis, hotel, meals, background check, medical testing, etc. Students do not receive academic credit from Cornell nor pay from the sponsor. Evaluate the potential costs and benefits before you apply.
  • Availability. ACP experiences must be completed by June 1, 2021. Connections are not limited to school breaks. ACP sponsors have the opportunity to choose the times of the year they want to host opportunities. 
  • Length. The length of each project is determined by the sponsor but is no longer than two weeks; students must be able to commit to the length indicated. 
  • Selection Process. Opportunities are first-come first-served.
  • Cancellation Policy. Students who cancel opportunities without extraordinary circumstances and adequate notice to the sponsor or Career Services will not be allowed to participate in future ACP experiences.
  • Insurance Coverage. Cornell does not provide liability insurance for all participants in the Cornell CUeLINKS projects; a limited liability policy, however, is purchased for students participating in opportunities with sponsors offering shadowing (one day or longer) at a medical facility.