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Cornell University

Connecting with Students

    Cornell Career Services sponsors a variety of programs that provide alumni, parents, and other professionals an opportunity to offer hands-on experience or an information interview to current students interested in exploring different career fields. Alumni often tell us that participation in these programs is one of their most rewarding volunteer experiences.


    As Cornell’s university-wide knowledge sharing platform, CUeLINKS (Learning, Informing, Networking=Knowledge Sharing) connects students with alumni to get the most out of the powerful Cornell community. Create a profile and start sharing your expertise and experience one-on-one with Cornell students. Volunteer your time based on your schedule and interests. Join the community and become a knowledge sharer. Students connect with Alumni through a message platform or will request a meeting (virtual or in person). 

    CUeLINKS Experiential Projects

    Connect students and recent grads to real-world, experiential learning projects, and shadowing opportunities. In minutes, you can create short-term, virtual projects for students and new graduates to help explore their career options, and provide opportunities for them to build on the skills they need to be career ready. We invite you to join the community and provide an experience in Projects.

    Calby Fellows Program

    The Calby Fellows Program invites Cornell alumni to engage with current students, providing opportunities to share their career stories and for students to interact with professionals for career exploration and advice. Alumni Fellows are selected from a wide variety of career fields, particularly those who may have an unusual or interesting career trajectory which is not “connected” to their undergraduate academic major.

    Calby Fellows serve a three-year term as a career specialist-in-residence, and agree to interact with students at least once a year. The website will feature biographical and career profiles of present and former Fellows, along with video clips on various career topics and stories and recordings of the large group presentations. The website will allow students and fellow alumni to learn and explore even if unable to attend events in person. If you would like to participate or learn more about the program, contact Kimberlee Swartz, at

    ILR Opportunities

    ILR’s Field Shadowing Program and Career Exploration Program focus on ILR-related career fields. These programs allow ILR students to gain firsthand work exposure and network with alumni/sponsors. Learn more about ILR opportunities

    Engineering Co-op Program

    An engineering co-operative education experience provides an opportunity for students to advance their knowledge and skills in the context of industry, government, and society. Consider whether your employer might be able to offer a co-op experience to help students create a career plan and make well-informed choices for lifelong career success. Learn more about the Engineering Co-op Program.