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Register Events and Track Attendance

How to create an event in CampusGroups

  • Meetings and events will need to be submitted via the Cornell CampusGroups platform (this applies for both in-person and virtual.
    • How to post and event can be found here.
  • Each organization will need to have an updated/accurate list of “members” under their CampusGroups organization dashboard.
    • How to import members can be found here.
    • You can also add members one by one, under the members page and "add member".
  • Each organizations will need to fully registered through the Campus Activities Registration Process to operate as a student organization and post meetings and/or events.
  • Meetings and events will be approved within 24hrs during the weekday and within 72 hours over the weekend.
    • If the meeting or event is placed on "hold" this means more information is needed and the Campus Activities Office will reach out.

How to track attendance for in-person events in Campus Groups (contact tracing purposes)

  • All in-person meetings and events will need to track attendance.
    • How to check in and out of an event and track attendance can be found here.
  • For organizations planning skill development sessions (Club Sports and Physical Activity Clubs), the sessions must be posted as an event in CampusGroups and attendance must be taken by the sponsoring organization.
  • If a group of students are utilizing open field time and are not associated with an organization, please use the general Campus Activities Open Field Time event in CampusGroups to check in and check out.