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COVID Spiritual Resources

It is difficult to fully grasp the impact that the COVID-19 pandemic has had on us. Not only has coronavirus led to intense physical suffering and a profound loss of human life, but it has also posed significant spiritual challenges. This unique moment has called our attention to the need to cultivate spiritual practices that will sustain us through this prolonged period. All of us must face the question: in a time of solitude and social distancing, how might we develop practices and habits that help us connect with ourselves and others in life-giving and meaningful ways?

The Office of Spirituality and Meaning-Making has pulled together a list of resources that begin to address this question. This list is by no means exhaustive, nor can we fully vouch for or endorse all the content on each of the linked websites below. Our hope is that these resources might provide a good first (or second, or third) step in your spiritual journey through this season.  If you know of other helpful resources that should be shared, please send us your suggestions. And please do not hesitate to reach out if our staff or any of our affiliated religious or ethical leaders can support you.

If you find yourself needing support, please utilize the spiritual support resources below. Additionally, you are encouraged to access the following excellent resources:

Self Care

Care for Others

Grief Resources

Spiritual Reading

"Existential Suffering and Loneliness with COVID-19" (MedPage Today)

"We're All Monks Now" (America Magazine)

Building Community During Pandemic: "Re-creating the space in between classes is necessary to keep university communities alive" (Inside Higher Ed)

"That Discomfort You're Feeling is Grief" (Harvard Business Review) 

Wisdom for the Way (COVID reflections from Stanford Religious Life)

"Your 'Doomscrolling' Breeds Anxiety. Here's How to Stop the Cycle." (NPR)

Spiritual Practices for Coping with the COVID Pandemic

Meaning-Making in a Time of Coronavirus (Vennly podcast by Oliver Goodrich)

Spiritual Resources for Coping with COVID-19 (GW Institute for Spirituality and Health)

PsalmSeason: An Interreligious Response to a Global Crisis (IFYC & Miller Center)

Resources for meditation and mindfulness practice


Calm Calendar - daily mindfulness challenges (pdf)

Center for Mindfulness (UCSD) 

Cornell’s “Let’s Meditate” live sessions by Zoom

Cornell Health's online guided meditations

Daily, streaming mindfulness sessions (Brown University)

Free audio resources for mindfulness meditation

Guided audio meditation based on mindfulness and acceptance

Guided meditations with Tara Brach

Guided mindful self-compassion exercises

Headspace (free for New York residents)

The Honest Guys meditation and relaxation 

InsightTimer app 

Meditation Oasis app (free until COVID-19 pandemic end) 

Omvana meditation app

Short animated introduction to meditation 

UCLA guided meditations

Waking Up app

Cheetah House (non-profit dedicated to supporting those who experience meditation-induced stress or trauma)