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6 Day Backpacking in the Low Peaks of the Adirondacks

6 Day Backpacking in the Adirondacks Low Peaks

Often this trip goes to the Low Peaks Region of the Adirondacks often following the Lakeville Placid Trail or the Pharaoh Lake Wilderness Area. The Adirondacks region is one of New York's greatest natural assets, preserved by state law to remain "forever wild." The area covers an impressive 6 million acres, 2.3 million of which are State Forest Preserve, the largest tract of wild land in the Northeast.There are many Wilderness Areas in the Adirondacks along the Northville Placid Trail. Spectacular views await those adventurous enough to scale one of the many peaks of these regions. The flora varies from hardwood forests at lower elevations, to spruce and fir forests higher up the mountains, to unique alpine vegetation on the highest summits.This trip is usually 5 days of travel backpacking and 1 day doing a day hike without moving camp.  Specific trip details will be provided by the guides.


Trip Dates

TBA for 2024

Trip Fee

$495 Financial Assistance available


Adirondack Mountains, NY

Activity Level

A little bit more strenuous than the Finger Lakes, due to the mountains.  The trails are generally not super steep or difficult, but can have significant uphills and rocky terrain. Most trips hike an average of 5-10 miles per day with a 30-40 pound pack. 



Access to showers or restrooms



Day 0

Trip participants arrive between 11:00AM and 1:00PM at Cornell, trip participants and their guides meet and begin to get to know each other, prepare their belongings for the trip and have a trip dinner (usually at one of the restaurants in Collegetown). Trip participants and their guides sleep on the Arts Quad.

Day 1

The trip wakes up bright and early and heads off to the starting point of their backpacking trip.

Days 2-5

A normal day consists of 4-6 miles of hiking with a break for lunch. In the afternoon, you will help set up camp, make dinner, and sleep outside!

Day 6

All trips return to Ithaca for Camp-O-Rama, a closing ceremony and celebration of the Outdoor Odyssey trips. Trip participants clean their gear, share a meal with other trips, and get the chance to meet some of the ~200 other participants.

Move-In Day

Trip is shuttled back to Bartels Hall on the morning of 8/14, where the participants return their rented gear as a group. Once all gear is returned, trip participants are free to start the move-in process into their dorms. Often times, guides will help their trip participants move in.