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CURW Care Groups

CURW Care Groups 

Find support for your spiritual well being through a CURW Care Group. These groups are not therapy groups, nor are they seminar-style study groups; rather, they are chaplain-facilitated community groups that help you give and receive spiritual support and care. The length, frequency, and audience for each group varies, but what they have in common is a commitment to creating spaces that nurture holistic wellbeing.

CURW is a cooperative interfaith ministry team with religious leaders who represent a variety of spiritual traditions. CURW Care Groups are not intended to be spaces for proselytizing or converting people to a particular religious point of view; rather, they are designed to be spaces where each member can share their spiritual perspectives and make meaning of their experiences. We affirm the individual experiences and approaches to spirituality that each student may bring to these conversations. All Care Group participants are encouraged to speak from their own particular experiences and respect the experiences of others.

Registration for the Spring 2021 care groups has closed. Please complete this form if you would like to be on a waiting list for future offerings.

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Spirituality & Social Justice

Group Name: Spirituality and Social Justice

Host: Oliver Goodrich, Associate Dean of Students for Spirituality and Meaning-Making

Start/End Date: 1st week of March (6 weeks); meeting time to be set by group members

Open to: All students regardless of religious identity

Meeting format: 75-minute weekly zoom meeting

Description: “Spirituality and Social Justice” will be a support group for activists, advocates, and those who aspire to put their values into action. This weekly meeting will invite students of all or no religious backgrounds to consider what spirituality has to do with social justice. We will consider the spiritual attitudes that have played a role in shaping unjust actions and systemic oppression, and we will also explore what spiritual practices will sustain us for the work ahead. Particular attention will be paid to racial justice and other pressing topics of social justice.

Belonging in the USA

Group Name: Belonging in the USA

Host: David Larson, CURW Chaplain to International Students

Start/End Date: 1st week of March (6 weeks); meeting time to be set by group members

Open to: All international students, or those interested in the experience of international students, regardless of religious identity

Meeting format: 75-minute weekly zoom meeting

Description: “Belonging in the USA” will be a weekly group in which international students can share their experience in America—do you feel welcome?  Have you experienced culture shock?  Have you felt any discrimination or racism targeted at you?  What has been your experience in terms of engaging with American students or people in the community? The facilitator is a Christian chaplain and will share briefly at times from his faith perspective, but this will not be the main focus of the discussion and any students are free to share from their own faith perspectives or world view as well.

The Voice of Vocation

Group Name: The Voice of Vocation

Host: Ann Hoover, Unification Fellowship Chaplain

Start/End Date: 1st week of March (7 weeks); 7-8pm

Open to:All graduate and professional level students (including doctoral students and post-docs)

Meeting format: 60-minute weekly zoom meeting

Description: In "The Voice of Vocation" participants will explore their vocations through reading and discussing Parker Palmer's short book of essays Let Your Life Speak.  Palmer defines vocation as "Our deepest calling is to grow into our own authentic selfhood...we will not only find joy...we will also find our path of authentic service to the world." This group will focus on the unique vocational questions that surface for students at the graduate level and above. Thought-provoking and challenging, Palmer's writing will undoubtedly lead to deep self-reflection and fruitful group interaction.

"From Ashes to Glory," a Lenten Prayer Group

Group Name: “From Ashes to Glory,” A Lenten Prayer Group

Host: Rev. Taylor Daynes (Episcopal Church at Cornell) and Hierald Osorto (St. Luke Lutheran)

Start/End Date: Tuesdays, February 23 - March 23 at 6pm (5 weeks)

Open to: All students, with a particular focus on Christian Spirituality

Meeting format: 60-minute weekly zoom meeting

Description: "From Ashes to Glory" focuses on prayerful reflection and intention-building using the Ignatian spiritual practice of the Examen. No prior experience with this practice, or any prayer practice, is necessary. Each week we will gather to discuss a short piece of spiritual writing, individually meditate on our day and our week, then regather for a time of collective reflection. We hope that our sessions will provide a needed time of respite and spiritual camaraderie in the midst of a busy season.

Queering Christianity

Group Name: Queering Christianity

Host: Rev. Quinn Caldwell, Chaplain, Protestant Cooperative Ministry

Start/End Date: Thursdays, March 4 - April 15 (excluding 3/18); 7pm

Open to: All students regardless of religious identity

Meeting format: 75-minute weekly zoom meeting

Description: As more and more Christian denominations, traditions, and churches open their doors to the queer-identified, the conversations around such changes often center on how “we” (church bodies) can welcome “them” (LGBTQIA+-identified Christians and searchers) into what they’re already doing—usually without changing much but the welcome. Meanwhile, God has been active in the lives of queer Christians and searchers in every time and place--regardless of whether churches have welcomed them—and has gifted them beyond measure. In this six-week session, we will name together the graces that queer Christians have, do, and will bring wherever we go—maybe even including the church. Participants will support one another in bringing our own gifts to our traditions, and together dream of what a truly queered Christianity might look like.