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Care Groups

Care Groups 

Are you looking to meet new people for deeper conversation?

Are you looking for a safe space to explore meaning, purpose, faith, or spirituality where diverse views, questions, and doubts are welcome, and no one has all the answers?

Join a Care Group, connect with a caring group of fellow students, and find support for your spiritual and social well-being.

Care Groups are not therapy groups, nor are they seminar-style study groups. They are chaplain- or staff-facilitated community groups where any student, religious or nonreligious, can learn, practice, and explore.

The length, frequency, and audience for each group varies, but what they have in common is a commitment to creating spaces that nurture holistic wellbeing. Some groups are more religious, some are not religious, and some are intended primarily for members of a particular tradition.

Care Groups are not intended to be spaces for proselytizing or converting people to a particular point of view. They are communities that welcome diverse experiences and perspectives, creating space for each member to share and make meaning from their own experience. All care group participants are encouraged to speak from their own experience and to respect the experiences of others

Spring 2023 Care Groups

  • Spiritually Anybody 

  • Spiritually Queer 

  • Art and Human Emotion  

  • Queering Christianity  

  • Psalms and Soup 

  • Dealing with Chronic or Acute Illness 

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