Wellness & Movement

Keeping active is a cornerstone of physical and mental health. Why make it a to-do list item when it can also be a way to have fun and connect with others?

  • Recreational Services offers a wide variety of fitness, wellness, sports and open recreation opportunities for the Cornell Community. They are a great resource for easy, low-cost ways to get moving.
  • Club sports provide a way for students to get (or stay) in the game. Commitment and skill-level varies so there are opportunities for both the recreational and serious athlete to make friends and get involved.
  • Cornell Intramural Sports provides fun, friendly competition for all skill levels. Sports vary from soccer and softball to badmiton and bowling.
  • COE is the largest and most comprehensive collegiate outdoor education program in the country. Programs, classes and leadership opportunities abound.
  • Anyone can enroll in a physical education class to improve their fitness level and to learn new skills. Dozens of courses from water sking and fly fishing to soccer and tennis are offered throughout the year. Undergraduate students are required to complete two semesters of physical education during their first year of enrollment for graduation.
  • Cornell Fitness Centers offers five fitness locations on campus with the latest in fitness classes, aerobic and weight training equipment.