Turner Brown

Meet Turner Brown

Hometown: San Diego, CA
College: Engineering
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Year: 2019

I joined CRU campus ministry my first semester at Cornell. CRU meets on Fridays for worship and we also have bible study once a week on Tuesdays. Whether or not you are religious, organizations like CRU exist throughout campus and are able to provide a diverse population of students with a community to belong to and relationships to build. Chances are you will meet many students who share many of the same opinions as you as well as those who do not, which allows for well-facilitated conversations.

My second semester, I started working at the Townhouse Community Center where I can use the skills I am developing in ROTC and my other leadership positions to gain knowledge about working as well as earn money. One of the great things about Cornell is that nearly everyone you meet has an impressive story to tell and is doing something exciting with their lives and education. People are very busy, but I have found that despite this busyness more often than not people are very accepting and willing to help you succeed in your own busy life, whether academic or extracurricular. Join as many things as you can and meet as many people as you are able.