Kianna Early

Hometown: Buffalo, New York
College: Human Ecology
Major: Policy Analysis and Management
Year: 2018

I have been involved in Residential Student Congress (RSC) since the first month of my first year. I joined as the Balch Hall Representative and was soon elected as secretary. I was also appointed programming director mid-way through the year and started the Spring Carnival, which has become RSC's signature event. I was officially elected as programming director for my sophomore year, and again for my junior year. I continued to enhance RSC's campus presence through various programming initiatives, such as a North Campus Winter Formal and biweekly Cocoa's where we hand out food and drinks, as well as some themed holiday events.

In addition to programming, Residential Student Congress also focuses on advocacy. We have started and helped with various initiatives over the years. RSC is responsible for dining halls having later hours, installing handsoap in all dorms, revamping the Housing Lottery, and working with administration on the Housing Master Plan. We also host events to promote Sexual Assault Awareness Week and Mental Health Awareness Week. 

If you are interested in having an impact on Residential Life at Cornell, I strongly urge you to consider joining me on the Residential Student Congress. The majority of our members are representatives for their halls, and therefore must first join their hall councils in order to become a member. Ask your RA about your hall council and how to join.