José Armando Fernández Guerrero

Hometown: Tijuana, Mexico
College: Arts & Sciences
Major: Linguistics, Anthropology & College Scholars
Year: 2018

I grew up crossing the US-Mexican border every morning on my way to school in San Diego, CA, so I know what time and effort give you in return. My experience at Cornell has been a true blessing and thus I also give it my best in return. Since my first year, I've worked at the Campus Life Management Office in South Balch Hall as a student assistant, interacting with staff, students, and families on a daily basis. The sense of community fostered in my workplace is something I've aimed to emulate in other parts of my Cornell experience, such as at home in my co-op. 

As a third-year resident of Von Cramm Co-operative, I found myself wanting to contribute more to the house and help shape its direction to the future. As one of the new house managers, I've been given the chance to introduce new generations of 'Crammies' to how we care for our house as a living space, but most importantly as a place to build a community. The diversity in Von Cramm's community in nationality, fields of study, and personal charisma has broadened my social spheres and worldview, as we accept each other's differences and build upon each other's experience. 

As I enter my senior year and will apply to graduate school, Cornell's main lesson stays with me: building a community.