Adja Toure

Hometown: Annandale, Virginia
College: SC Johnson College of Business
Major: Hotel Administration
Year: 2018

I have been a member of the Slope Day Programming Board (SDPB) since my first month at Cornell. I was so intrigued by the music festival that I knew I wanted to be involved. I started as a general body member, and quickly applied for an executive board position. I was accepted as the Slope Fest director. In this position I planned and coordinated the Slope Fest activities that occur on Ho Plaza during the event. My junior year I held two positions: vice chairperson and Slope Fest director. I was exposed to more of the inner workings of Slope Day with regard to Cornell administration and the student body. This year I will be the executive chairperson and I hope to leave an impact on this organization to make sure it stays great for the future!

Being a part of SDPB has shaped my college experience. When I started on the Executive Board it became a part of my identity – people knew that I had the ‘low-down’ on Slope Day and within my peer group it sparked more intrigue and excitement throughout the year as friends wondered who our artist would be. The day of is also a huge part of why I enjoy being on this committee – everyone is a little worried or concerned that I don’t have fun because of what is required for Slope Day. In fact, that is what makes it fun for me – to see a whole year of hard work come to fruition! Working on Slope Day and having great feedback is reward in itself, and I am so lucky to be part of an organization that has given me a plethora of opportunities I wouldn’t normally be exposed to.