Advocacy & Support

An important part of thriving at Cornell is finding communities that support you and asking for help when you need it. Our organizations are a large part of Cornell’s vast network of support for students. Many areas focus their daily work on providing advocacy for all kinds of issues. If you're unsure of where to go for help with a specific issue or question, reach out to an advisor—such as your faculty advisor or residence hall director—or the Office of the Dean of Students where many advocacy and support groups reside.

LGBT Resource Center

Education, outreach, advocacy, and support for the LGBTQ+ community

Asian & Asian American Center

Supporting a strong and inclusive campus community

Women's Resource Center

Supporting women's education, empowerment, and advancement

Student Development Diversity Initiatives

Supporting students in their social, identity and cultural organizations

Residential Communities

Find support where you live

Off-Campus Living

Providing information and services that result in informed housing decisions

International Students

Staff in International Services within the Office of Global Learning advise international students and academic staff and their families on federal immigration, tax and labor regulations; and provide counseling on personal, academic and cultural matters. They work to promote cross-cultural awareness in the Cornell community through educational programming—including orientation, cultural adjustment, and cross-cultural communication.


Mental, Spiritual & Physical Wellbeing

What do you need to build a foundation for academic and personal success? We see the big picture when it comes to personal well-being. Cornell strives to create a caring community supportive of its members' intellectual, physical, emotional and spiritual health. From professional support staff to student organizations with missions to support and mentor students, the important step to ask for their help.

Counseling and Psychological Services

Providing professional counseling, support, consultation, and referrals

Cornell United Religious Work

We are committed to serving your spiritual and religious needs

Cornell Health

Cornell's on-campus health center

Recreational Services

Fostering student physical and mental well-being through movement based activity

New Students

New to Cornell? New Student Programs supports new students in their transition to Cornell. Orientation will help you get settled and the Tatkon Center will see you through your first year.

Student Conduct & Policies

Students should be aware of Cornell’s policies and codes that guide their conduct. There are also policies, rules and expectations to be aware of where you're living and for the organizations you're joining.