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'21-'22 Event Planning FAQs

Updated 9/22/21  

  1. How will events and meetings need to be registered?
    • All in-person events and meetings must be placed on the CampusGroups Events Calendar. This can be done by simply submitting your event/meeting as an event through your organization.
    • In addition, events should also be registered through scheduling@cornell. This can be done by quickly referencing the Scheduling@Cornell website and reviewing the planning guide. 
  2. Can any organization reserve space on campus?
    • Only student organizations that are fully registered and approved can successfully reserve space via the process above in question 3, part 2.
    • To see if an organization is approved, please visit the CampusGroups student organization directory.
      • Orange = Pending (started registration but have not finished)
      • Blue = Group has not yet started the registration
  3. Is food and drinks allowed at events?
  4. Are visitors/guests allowed on campus?
  5. What are the limitations of singing and certain wind instruments?
    • Outside with no masks - must maintain  6' physical distancing.
    • Outside with masks - no distancing.
    • There are restrictions on indoor locations according to a spaces' ventilation system.
    • For more information on the policies, please visit:
  6. Is my student organization able to conduct community service?
    • Student organizations must first consult with the Einhorn Center (previously known as the Public Service Center) before making community connections with local non-profit organizations/agencies.
      • If your organization would like to plan any service initiatives in the local community, these efforts are being registered with the Einhorn Center.  Email  The staff at the center will provide you further information to register your initiative.
  7. What activities or events can Club Sports or physical activity organizations conduct?
    • Currently, Sports Clubs will run as normal. Subject to change with University guidelines. 
    Will student organizations need to maintain rosters of membership?
  8. Will attendance at in-person events need to be tracked?
  9. What if a person is not in CampusGroups but attending an in-person event or meeting?
    • If, for some reason, a person attending an event or meeting is not listed in CampusGroups, please email Campus Activities ( with the below information:
      • Name of event/meeting in CampusGroups.
      • Name of organizations hosting event/meeting.
      • Name of the attendee.
      • Cornell netId of the attendee.
      • Time the attendee arrived.
      • Time the attendee left.
  10. Can organizations conduct DIY Grab and Go Kits?
    • Yes, with the below parameters.
      • Can be mailed or picked up (if picked up, a schedule must be created to ensure health and safety standards are being met).
        • For an in-person pickup, you will be contacted by the University Events Team to review the event and the pickup process.
      • Kits cannot include any objects that could present harm (scissors, knives, sharp objects, fire, etc.).
      • Kits cannot include any food items or alcohol.
        • Graduate and Professional Student Activities Funding Commission exemptions may.
          • GPSAFC - DIY meal kits/supplies could be purchased only for virtual events, must be purchased online, and be non-perishable items.
          • GPSAFC - DIY wine and/or beer tasting could be purchased only for virtual events; only individuals registered to participate in the event can purchase the alcohol for themselves. The group and/or officers cannot purchase and distribute alcohol. 
  11. Can students be members of organizations and not be on campus?
    • Yes, students can participate in an organization virtually, as long as the student is considered a “full-time/active” student.
  12. Does this change if a student is in a leadership/officer role?
    • Typically, students would need to be enrolled and present on the Ithaca main campus to be an officer; however, for this next academic year, any “active” student can be an officer, virtually or on campus.
  13. Can students be involved in student organizations if not fully enrolled in classes or taking a semester off?
    • Unfortunately no, however, students can resume within the organization once the student is fully enrolled and considered an “active” student.
    • If a student is currently “not active” or “enrolled full time” for any reason, including, but not limited to, a health leave, academic leave, or any other kind of leave, they cannot participate in a student organization on any level. There are a few reasons for this, with the main reason being the need for a student to focus on their own health/journey of wellness (either academic, mental, physical, emotional, etc.).