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'21-'22 Student Organization FAQs & Resources

Updated 1/19/22. 

  1. Registering events and meetings
  2. Reserving space on campus
    • Only student organizations that are fully registered and approved can reserve space.
    • To see if your organization is approved, please visit the CampusGroups student organization directory.
      • Orange = Pending (started registration but have not finished)
      • Blue = Group has not yet started the registration
    • At the bottom of the above link, there is a list called "Spring 2022 Need to Register". This is a list of student organizations that need to re-register for Spring 2022.
  3. Food and drinks at events
    • For the spring 2022 semester, food will be allowed at in-person events starting February 7. This includes grab-and-go food that is pre-packaged. The pre-packaged food must be prepared by a professional catering vendor (like Cornell Catering) or at the factory level (like individually wrapped candy or granola bars).
    • The university Covid-19 policy on food and drinks can be found on the Cornell Covid-19 webpage pertaining to events and under the Food and Drink at Indoor Events.
    • If catering is being coordinated, the vendor must be on the approved vendor's list. The list can be reviewed on the Risk Management & Insurance page pertaining to Catering Service Providers
  4. Funding guidelines and opportunities for programs and events
  5. Leadership development opportunities for individuals and student organization leaders
    • The Campus Activities office facilitates a workshop series each semester for students looking to further develop their skills as a leader. Click here to see the schedule for this semester and sign up!
  6. Visitors/guests on campus
  7. Singing and certain wind instruments limitations
  8. Conducting community service as a student organization
    • Student organizations must first consult with the David M. Einhorn Center for Community Engagement (previously known as the Public Service Center) before making community connections with local non-profit organizations/agencies.
      • If your organization would like to plan any service initiatives in the local community, these efforts are being registered with the Einhorn Center.  Email  The staff at the center will provide you with further information to register your initiative.
  9. Club Sports and physical activity organizations
  10. Traveling as an organization
  11. Maintaining up-to-date rosters of membership
    • All student organizations must have updated and accurate rosters of members within CampusGroups. There are two ways to complete this:
  12. Tracking in-person event attendance
    • In-person events and meetings must have accurate attendance rosters.
      • Tracking attendance should be done through CampusGroups and under the event listing. There are two ways to do this:
      • Must be a start time and end time for each event or meeting.
  13. What if a person is not in CampusGroups but attending an in-person event or meeting?
    • If, for some reason, a person attending an event or meeting is not listed in CampusGroups (likely non-students), please email Campus Activities ( with the below information:
      • Name of event/meeting in CampusGroups
      • Name of organizations hosting event/meeting
      • Name of the attendee
      • Cornell netId of the attendee
      • Time the attendee arrived
      • Time the attendee left
  14. Can students be members of organizations and not be on campus?
    • Yes, students can participate in an organization virtually, as long as the student is considered a “full-time/active” student.
  15. Can students be involved in student organizations if not fully enrolled in classes or taking a semester off?
    • No. Students can resume within the organization once the student is fully enrolled and considered an “active” student.
    • If a student is currently “not active” or “enrolled full time” for any reason, including, but not limited to, a health leave, academic leave, or any other kind of leave, they cannot participate in a student organization on any level. There are a few reasons for this, with the main reason being the need for a student to focus on their own health/journey of wellness (either academic, mental, physical, emotional, etc.).