Xinming Liu

Hometown: Zhuhai, Guangdong, China
College: Engineering
Major: Computer Science / Electrical and Computer Engineering
Year: 2020

When my plane slowly touched the ground at Ithaca airport, I turned on my phone and an email popped out with the title “Cornell International Friendship Program (CIFP)—Have you arrived in Ithaca?” It was my first warm welcome to Cornell from CIFP, a program under the International Students and Scholars Office (ISSO). As an international student, the CIFP attracted me at first glance and I applied immediately, hoping that it would help me better fit into the local community. And it proved to be one of the most helpful ways for me to make the successful transition to college.

My local family, Stu and Jean are super nice and we had great time going to the local community fair, charity dinner, ice hockey game and other interesting events around the neighborhood. We carved my first Halloween pumpkin together; before Christmas, they invited me to their house to help them decorate the Christmas tree. And they attended my concert to support me as my “American parents.” Even though I am thousands of miles away from home, all these memorable times really make me feel at home. Whenever I face any difficulty or problem, they are always there for me. It is their advice that helps me go through the tough time of making the transition from home to college.

Because of CIFP, I interact more often with ISSO and benefit a lot from its various resources, workshops and programs. I am grateful for all ISSO, CIFP and most importantly, my local family, have done for me.