Saim Chaudhary

Name: Saim Chaudhary
Hometown: Lahore, Pakistan
College: Arts and Sciences
Major: Economics
Year: 2017

I am involved with the ALANA Intercultural Board, Student Assembly and the Islamic Alliance For Justice. Cornell, in my freshmen year, was an eye-opener to the problems faced by various minority communities on campus. Soon I realized that the most effective way to help my community was to join various student organizations and use their platforms to raise the voice for underrepresented communities.

I am also glad that I found reliable friends and allies during my journey who became my support in stressful and challenging times. All my success in organizing events on issues faced by Muslim Americans to leading initiatives on the Student Assembly would not have been possible without the strong support network I found at Cornell. I hope to continue on the same path with greater conviction than ever before to do my bit in supporting minority communities at Cornell.